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Flight delayed as 'intoxicated' passenger offends 'everybody!'

The unidentified woman was caught on camera berating other travelers prior to takeoff from an airport in California.

Trump expands lead over DeSantis after Fla. gov's campaign launch, new poll reveals

Former President Donald Trump has widened his lead over Ron DeSantis in the Republican primary since the Florida governor’s campaign launch, according to a new national poll.

16-year-old sentenced to 80 years in prison for killing mom, sister when he was 13

Connor Crowe, 16, was ordered Tuesday to serve two consecutive, 40-year sentences.

Rep. James Comer to review FBI’s Biden bribery tip file next week

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer will be allowed Monday to review a subpoenaed FBI document that allegedly implicates President Biden in a $5 million bribery scheme — and will...

Cameron Robbins' obituary describes 'beloved' teen lost at sea as 'funny,' 'driven'

Cameron Robbins was last seen late May 24 in the waters off Athol Island in the Bahamas after he leaped from Blackbeard’s Revenge, a pirate ship-style vessel. 

Footprints revive hope for kids missing after plane crash in Colombian jungle

The footprints were found about two miles northwest of the area where a plane carrying three adults and four indigenous children went down on May 1.

California student arrested over mob beating of Marines at beach party will be charged as adult

The 16-year old student is one of five arrested Tuesday for allegedly attacking two Marines in San Clemente, Calif. over the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Mexican police make disturbing discovery as 45 bags of human remains found during search for missing call center workers

Police in western Mexico were looking for seven missing people when the made the grisly discovery in a gorge.

Judge tells Mich. news anchor's murderer he should’ve killed himself: 'Take yourself out'

"Try to commit suicide before you do any of this," the judge told him. "Take yourself out so you don’t kill people and try to rape 5-year-olds.”

Journalists at largest US newspaper chain set to strike

Journalists across the U.S. will walk off their jobs next week at roughly two dozen newsrooms run by Gannett, the largest newspaper chain in the U.S., their union said Thursday.

Ukrainian cat captures public's mood about the war in viral photo

A Ukrainian has captivated the war-weary population as she sat glumly in a Kyiv subway shelter -- taking cover from Russian attacks while wrapped in a pink blanket.

King Charles 'breathing sigh of relief' after reports of Harry, Meghan's U-turn: expert

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's rumored decision to pull the plug on future high-publicized projects is music to King Charles' ears, a royal source said.

Why this African-born surgeon helped defeat 'unfair' DEI at top medical school

Cameroon-born, Harvard-trained Dr. Nche Zama, spoke against DEI at the University of North Carolina Medical School beside activist Kenny Xu — prompting the school to ditch woke plans.

Prince Harry and Meghan 'nowhere near done' blabbing about royal family: insider

Rumors of the "Worldwide Privacy Tour" coming to an end were highly exaggerated, insiders claim.

Naked man jumps on altar of St. Peter's to protest Ukraine war

A man visiting the Vatican stripped off his clothes and ran naked to the main altar in St. Peter's Basilica in an apparent act of protest against the war in...

Epstein listed over 10 sex partners before suicide, had STD as docs give new glimpse into grim final days

Records released by the Bureau of Prisons shed light on Jeffrey Epstein's declining physical and mental state in the weeks leading up to his suicide.

Mom of girl who fatally stabbed brother in 'manic episode' says she was on ADHD meds, pulled her off them too late

April Lyda, the heartbroken mom of the Oklahoma girl who fatally stabbed her younger brother in a “demonic” rage, said the child had suffered a “manic episode” while on ADHD...

New Yorker injured in Jerusalem pizzeria terror attack dies after years in coma

Chana Nachenberg spent 22 years in a coma and is now the 3rd American and 16th overall victim to die as a result of the attack. 

San Fran activist crowdfunding to escape 'zombie apocalypse' neighborhood

Darren Mark Stallcup, 26, a San Francisco activist, has decided to leave his crime-ridden, drug infested neighborhood, which he described as a “zombie apocalypse” -- and has launched a fund-raising...

Fashion mag cover with pregnant transgender man sparks outrage: 'Could not sink any lower'

Author Logan Brown, a 27-year-old who was born female but now identifies as a transgender man, posed as the cover star of British Glamour Magazine's digital issue celebrating Pride Month in a...